After checking in to our hotel-closet, we headed out towards the race expo.  It was a gorgeous day and the Boston Commons was really pretty to walk by.  Kinda reminded me of Central Park.


I about died when I saw all these teenagers riding broomsticks and playing with a ball.  Jaymo said it was a Harry Potter game; I don’t know since I haven’t read the books or watched the movies, but seeing a 14 year old boy run around playing My Little Pony with a broom is pretty dang hilarious.  and wrong.  in so many ways.


I’ve never been to Boston before and have spent very little time on the East Coast (we all know the West Coast is the Best Coast) so seeing all the very old churches and buildings was pretty interesting.  I mean, some of the buildings were as old as Jaybob.


Walking down Boylston Street to the expo we passed the finish line which was crazy busy with people.  I didn’t get all geeked up on it because I’m pretty sure it will still be there tomorrow.


Then we entered the largest concentration of running shoes, spandex, Ben Gay and Zensah known to man.

The expo was HUGE, maybe even bigger than NYCM.  Tons of people, everything that in any way ties in with running for sale, and a few samples of energy drinks and protein bars.  JayJay said he’d rather go to prison than hang out there.

He did encourage me to buy a shirt, but I left empty handed save for a couple Shot Bloks I chipmunk’ed in my mouth.  I’m just not big on buying expo stuff, and there were too many people there to steal anything.

I’m in Wave 2, Corral 1 so I start at 10:20am tomorrow so if you want to stalk me, Mom, that’s 7:30am your time.

Who’s cuter, the Boston runner or the Brooks she-man? Jay, stop batting your eyes at the Brooks guy!

After the expo we walked around looking for somewhere to eat a late lunch and decided that the nearby Back Bay Social Club looked good.

It was 4pm and I wasn’t too hungry since I had a Clif bar and latte an hour earlier.  So I ordered a grilled chicken salad and ate some of Jabe’s scrambled eggs.  The salad ended up being pretty weak and more of a side than an entrée.

Miss Jay had chicken and waffles that came with bacon and eggs.  He’s a southern boy through and through.  He’s so southern he pours country gravy on his cereal and sweet tea in his coffee.



After our late lunch we walked around and window shopped a little.  I had to buy a Starbucks Boston mug since I collect them from all the cities I’ve been to.  So original, I know.

By the way, Boston is like Seattle: coffee places on every corner.  I kinda sorta love it big time.

By 6pm I was starving like a wild animal pregnant lady so we stopped at Sal’s Pizza; it was really close to our hotel and I thought I’d go Gary Busey crazy if I didn’t get some food stat.

I ordered a Greek salad and ONE slice of Hawaiian pizza to go; Jaymo also got a slice.  This is “one slice”:

I ate it all…  two hours after lunch.  It’s a really good thing I’m running a marathon tomorrow… so I can go back to Sal’s for seconds.  or thirds.

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