At the Ryder Cup and pizza


Ran at hotel gym –

7.0 miles/60 mins

1.0 incline

I know many of you said to go run around the lake here in Chicago and I really wanted to but just didn’t have time, had to get my runs in really early so it was to the gym I went.

But the gym’s nice so it wasn’t too bad.

The gym at the James Hotel is filled with tons of machines, almost too many to the point where you have to crawl over some to get to the treadmills.

But I love checking out new-to-me hotel gyms and this one was swank with fresh fruit-flavored water and TVs on every treadmill.


Last night I came back to the hotel, ordered pizza in and faceplanted into bed. About that pizza

I know I’m gonna break some hearts here, but I don’t know if deep dish pizza is all that and a bag of chips… It’s like polenta/cornbread casserole with a buttload of cheese.

I think I’m an NYC thin-crust pizza girl for life, but maybe I need to try it again.

I gotta run to catch my plane, but here’s a few pictures from yesterday:

Thanks to American Express, I was able to go to the Ryder Cup at Medinah Country Club and check out some of the AMEX cardmember perks.

Bianca, moiThe AwesomerAfrobella, Factio Magazine, and  Fantabulously Frugal.

After seeing Bianca in pink jeans, I now want a pair.

American Express is all about giving the client (the cardholder) a better experience so all week they offer some cool things for free to anyone at the tournament, like training tips: Phil Mickelson’s personal trainer Sean Cochran gave us golf-specific exercise advice.

{Omg, I thought I was flexible…. no, no I’m not.  My hips don’t lie, they can’t move.}

You could also have your swing analyzed and get free advice like Afrobella did:

If you have an AMEX card, you can check out one of the coursecast TVs for free all day and get live streaming video and updates on it:

And anyone can take a break from watching golf and work on their own game…

Mine needs a lot of work.

I’m headed to the airport, but I’ll have another post about the rest of the day, the AMEX Hospitality Chalet, and how Bubba Watson wouldn’t stop following me around.

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