Controversy is a good salesman

JunieB asked about my opinion on the whole Marie Claire controversy

Although Katie Drummond did contact me a very long time ago, I’m not going to publicly comment on the controversy for 2 reasons:

1. Everything has been said at least once and closer to 10,000 times.  I’m not that eloquent in the first place and I like to steal information from others, so I doubt I’d have anything consequential to add.

2. I fancy my blog to be a little different than others (in reality, we’re all the same just trying to be different) and I loathe jumping on blog trends or bandwagons, and I really don’t want to start now.

If I check out 10 blogs a day, the last thing I want to do is read 10 Feta Food Challenges…  I’m not naive and I’m not caustic either; if Feta was paying my bills, I’d be blogging about it day and night.  Heck, I’d take Feta to dinner AND a movie.  I might even splurge for popcorn.

But Feta doesn’t pay my bills and neither does Marie Claire so I’m staying out of it.  and eating some popcorn.

But if you really want to know what I think about the whole shebang, email me at and we’ll chat.


You know what it’s time for??  The return of Cat lady Blogs!

Our first fabulous blogger is Suzy from Ok, Just One More Beer…

My blog’s basically about my journey with Weight Watchers and the 30 pack of beer in my fridge.

I’m just a gal who lost a lot of weight (88 lbs so far thanks to Weight Watchers (and my hard work duh!!), 4 lbs away from goal weight so it will be 92 total!), started running a lot of miles about a year and a 1/2 ago, and drinks a lot of beer….I mean A LOT of beer. :)

Suzy also just ran her first half marathon, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadephia in a very respectable 2:31:46.

Suzy’s open and honest about her struggles, how every day of eating isn’t always perfect, but also how she’s lost nearly 90 pounds, taken up running and completed a half marathon, all without giving up her first love… beer.

Side note: isn’t that what health’s suppose to be all about??  Making healthier choices and getting healthier but enjoying life beer at the same time??

So everyone go now and say hi to Suzy and then tell her what your beer of choice is.  She’s waiting to hear from you.

Thanks Suzy for the email and keep up the running!  And everyone who’s emailed me, I will get to you, I promise.

And then go enter the giveaway; it ends tomorrow!

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23 thoughts on “Controversy is a good salesman”

  1. and THIS is why i still read you.

    you ARE different and i dont have to look at small plates with food on them.

    i much prefer clothes, shoes, running, races and celebrity stuff.

    oh AND marnie!

  2. “isn’t that what health’s suppose to be all about?? Making healthier choices and getting healthier but enjoying life beer at the same time??”

    I totally agree. Being healthy is pretty unhealthy if you never take a minute to splurge and enjoy life… and a beer… or a glass of wine 🙂

  3. Just sent you an email. Agreed with what JunieB said above. My guilty pleasure in life (well, besides chocolate and fried chicken)? Celebrity Gossip.

  4. First off…*Thank You* for the shout out!! I really am honored. I will drink a beer in your name tonight 😉

    I admire your reaction to the Marie Claire piece and I have to say that I have been replying in pretty much the same manner. I’m on twitter and you should see it on there…someone needs to call Dr. Phil or something.
    I did however make a joke about how I guess no one will be doing a Marie Claire giveaway on their blog anytime soon though huh?? :/

    And your blog *is* different. Thats why its so wonderful!! OK, my lips are dry from kissing your butt…thanks again for the feature!!

  5. Just an FYI – the “Say hi to Suzi” link is not the link to Suzi’s blog. It’s some emo person rambling about leaving her boyfriend for another guy. Amusing but not what you expect when you click 🙂

  6. Definitely makes me appreciate you even more. You eat, you enjoy an occassional cocktail, you exercise–but the key with you is ‘moderation’! I try to live by that, because I could go in crazy directions with all of the above listed!

  7. I think I would get a long very well with Suzy! But my slogan would be, “Just one more glass of wine”.

  8. Agreed! And Agreed! I love that you are different and that’s why I read SR.

    My hilariously insightful friend commented last night when I mentioned the whole controversy thing. He said something like maybe the big bloggers are actually getting paid by MC to make a big stink and spread the word. Har har.

    It was my opinion that they all needed to stop talking about it a long time ago and it never would have gotten so big. I did a short post myself on the topic.

  9. I love SR because it’s not about food and more about running and gossip.:-) I haven’t really commented on anything but I do follow the other blogs and though I think it was a bit hard on them I have found myself thinking, man that’s all they ate after a 20 mile run? When I finish a 20 miler I eat way more than that.

    So I suppose it’s a give and take. Sometimes I really enjoy reading them for new recipes and such but other times I’m like come on, you have to be hungry.

    • I agree, I like the info about running way more than food, even though I LOVE food. I do follow a few food blogs, but don’t feel like I check them as often as I do SR.

  10. and yet again you blog about something i was clueless about…cuz i only read your blog. just can’t get into following strangers. but leave it to us americans to get all pissy at a bunch of strangers. so much rage out there!
    “food” for thought…there are tornadoes just north of phx.

    • Yeah, I mean, I get it – but I think it’s covering up the real problem. I watch Biggest Loser and like the show, but sometimes I think it’s kinda much the advice and lifestyle they put out there.

      If you’re only going to eat one bite of some decadent dessert and then waste it – it seems like you shouldn’t even get it at all. In your mind, it’s not OK to even eat a quarter to half of it, but you get it anyway. And throwing out a batch of cookies? Bring it to the office – have your significant other eat it or bring it to the office.

      I feel like if these people were truly having a healthy relationship with food they would not have to do this stuff.

      And now I’m all interested in reading their responses like rubbernecking an accident.

  11. Yeah… I like some food blogs, but most of the time, I like, running, gossip, and fashion- which is what you are about and why I love you! I want to be a cat lady blog!

  12. First of all, thanks for blogging! I see blogging both ways, some people are in such for whatever so called fame they may have and other just enjoy sharing their passions with others. I totally see you as the second as as a marathon runner always LOVING to hear from other runners that is why I spend minutes of my life reading your blog. I have lots of non-runner friends but not alot of runner friends. Again, my husband like yours says that I do all the running for the family.
    You’re fun, funny, and real!!!!

    I am a recent follower/finder of SR and I love it. You are so real and it is really refreshing. I am training for my first half marathon at the end of November =) and Suzi’s story — so inspiring and love how she is making changes without going overboard

  13. I also was blissfully unaware of the controversy because I read running blogs and other design/diy blogs. While I enjoy seeing the occasional recipe and such, the idea of solely blogging healthy food is boring to me.

    I went and read some of their responses and I do think Drummond wrote a very biased article, but I believe there is likely some truth to it, too. The pouring salt on desserts and tossing a batch of cookies (fact-checked things) means something is probably wrong with the person’s view and ability to deal with food.

    • the salt on a dessert trick was recommended by ms biggest loser, jillian michaels. i don’t think it’s a bad idea – if it means you have a coping mechanism to aid in restraint.
      personally, i prefer to put more caramel sauce on top of my dessert. tastes better than the salt. 😉

  14. I’m so glad you aren’t addressing that whole debacle, it made me dumber earlier this week actually following it. I so appreciate all the ways you aren’t the ‘typical’ blogger!

    OK I must go check out Suzi’s blog! I need someone I can relate to, not someone who takes 2 sips of beer and then switches to water. I mean, if I have to keep seeing the Montags, Lady Gaga, and Justin Beiber on TV I am going to need more than that!

  15. If I was only going to read one blog ever again it would be yours and its because running and humor are two of the most important aspects of my life and I get both of them from your blog!

    I definitely appreciate the running focus in your blog as opposed to the food focus. I am someone with major food issues and while I don’t necessarily think many of the bloggers are unhealthy and I “like” many of them, reading many of the “what I ate today” blogs is definitely unhealthy for me. I really have to try not to read those/compare myself with the bloggers because it does make me more obsessed and really just makes me think about food too much.

  16. I do agree with you and that is why I cannot get enough of reading your blog.

    Anything that has been said about Marie Claire has been said in at least 1000 blogs. Everything is repeating itself.

    You look awesome in your race pictures by the way. You are truly inspirational (which has already been said 1000 times as well hehe. 🙂 )

  17. I am loving your blog…keep up the great work!!! I recently started following your blog after finishing my first 1/2 marathon with my fellow “piraterunners” We were blogging as inspiration and funnily enough I too use celebrity gossip in my blog. Your blog is refreshing and fun and not at all intimidating like many other I have recently come across! I’m thankful for my gf letting me in on the little SR secret. I plan on sharing it with all of my friends and family too!!

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