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Happy Friday, kids!  It’s going to be a good one, I just know it.  I’m running a race up in Santa Barbara wine country tomorrow and although I’m not a wino, I do love me a good Diet Coke Vintage 2008 sometimes.  I’ll even do a late 2009.

Anyways, on to the giveaway, right?

The generous people at GU saw how much of a Marissa Miller-lookalike I am and sent me all these GU’s.

That is actually a lie; I begged and harassed them and they got tired of dead bolting their doors and sent me these.  Thank you GU!

When I’m racing I only take Espresso Love and Vanilla Bean GU’s with me; I know what I like, what can I say?  Those are my two favorite flavors and I have 2 boxes of them that I “save” for only races.

But SR, I’ve heard you talk about some nasty gel before, you say.  Yes, this is true.  I am sometimes cheap which leads to bad decisions.

Over a year ago I bought 3 boxes of another gel that we shall not name but instead call “Slif Blar” energy gels.  They were $6 a box cheaper than GU’s so naturally I ordered a truckload thinking I’d save a buck.

Bad decision.  “Slif Blar” energy gels are nasty.  The best way I can describe them is tasting like brown rice syrup.  And I’ve never even had brown rice syrup.  So that’s why I use those in training runs and save my GU’s for races.

But you my friends, can try some GU’s for free!  I am giving away 10 Strawberry Banana, 5 Vanilla Bean, 5 Espresso Love, and 10 GU Chomps in Orange.  Considering 1 GU is around $1.50 at a running store, this could save you some serious cash.  You could even try to barter your mortgage with these or something.

I myself prefer gels to bites because it’s easier to get down, no chewing, less energy to eat, but GU has tons of different ways to fuel:

GU Roctane – ultra endurance energy gels

GU Brew – electrolyte drink mix

GU Chomps – energy chews

GU energy gels

And they come in a lot of different flavors:

So do you want to win the SkinnyRunner 30 piece You’re a Superstar Sampler Pack???

All you have to do is comment and answer these 2 questions:

1. How do you refuel in your workouts?

Do you use GU or a different brand of energy gels, gummi bears, pb&j sandwiches?

2. If GU were to make a new flavor, like Ben & Jerry ice cream does, what flavor would you pick?

If you link to the give away, you’ll also get 2 extra entries; just let me know in the comment section that you did.

A random winner will be picked Monday night.  Good luck, good GU’ing, I’m off to run!


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