How to drink more water and become a supermodel

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We all know that water is good for you if for no other reason than every actress, star, and model in Hollywood says that it’s their top beauty “secret”.

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So maybe it’s not a secret but some of the benefits of drinking water include:

-Good for your skin, reduces bloating

-Flushes toxins from your body and prevents constipation, detoxifies

-Supports nerve function, keeps your joints strong and lubricated

-Speeds up metabolism by aiding digestion

-Helps organs to run efficiently

-Being hydrated helps you work out longer and harder, regulates body temperature

-Prevents dehydration headaches

-Turns you into a supermodel.  duh.

If you get tired of regular ‘ol water, try sparkling water.  It’s almost as good as Diet Coke.  <-lie.  But it does jazz up water and if you’re looking for more jazz hands, there’s also flavored sparkling water.

And everyone loves some bubbles, right?

Sparkling water is made by adding pressurized carbon dioxide to water which when dissolved, creates carbonation or what I call, fun bubbles.  It can get pricey because no matter how big the bottle, once you open it, it goes flat.

The solution?  Get a SodaStream  (<–the one we have, a more affordable option) or other sparkling water machine.  My good friend R surprised me with one awhile back and I love it.  I wouldn’t have bought it on my own (they retail anywhere from $80 to $130 ), but I’m so glad I received one because I enjoy drinking something else besides plain water sometimes.

The soda carbonator makes 60 or 130 liters of sparkling water, depending on which size you have, and according to SodaStream’s site, it costs just .20 cents per liter (with their flavorings it costs about .57 per liter).  You can exchange the carbonator for a full one at Bed Bath & Beyond for about $15, just make sure to bring your $5 off coupon.

I was at Walmart awhile back and saw all these flavored sparkling “fruitwater” drinks for a buck each.  I bought one and then decided to try making some of my own flavored drinks because I’m crafty cheap like that.

If you’re like me and don’t lie awake worrying about artificial flavors and sweeteners (maybe I should?), you can add Crystal Lite flavors to your bubbly.  My husband and I really like the Walmart brand Strawberry Watermelon flavor and it’s less than $2 for a box.

I also bought root beer flavor extract from Walmart.  I add a couple drops of this, a little sweetener, a dash of cream or milk, and now you have a poor man’s cream soda.

Another thing to try is the sugar-free or regular coffee syrups that come in four million different flavors – everything from coconut to white chocolate to kiwi.  Just add a splash or two to your sparkling water.  I bought a sugar-free toffee flavored syrup from TJ Maxx for $4 that I sometimes use.

You can always add fruit or vegetables to sparkling water – try strawberries, cucumber slices, lemon slices or oranges.  Or if you’re Monica, add watermelon chunks.

Basically what I’m saying is that if you drink enough water, you willlook like Jenn.  fact.

How do you drink your water or do you drink water?  Plain or jazzed hands up?

My dad is the only person I know who hates water; he’ll drink Gatorade, juice, tea, lemonade but not plain water.

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