Why Do My Feet Smell So Bad? Easy Solutions to Cure Smelly Feet and Shoes

There would be many reasons behind stinky feet. In this addition, most of us are quite familiar with the fact of bad odor comes from feet. Even a sweetest smelling person can’t deny the fact he/she can never face the awkward situation in life. In this case, I thought about a lot on why do my feet smell so bad. Then I make a research and give a try to evaporate the smell forever. Yeah, for me these tips work excellent and then I thought why not share the cure with you.

Reasons behind Stinky Feet

Why do my feet smell so bad, gosh! I kept thinking about it all the time and fed up when I had to deal with my stinky feet every day. The main causes I found in my research as responsible for smelly feet are-

  • In general, bacteria stick to our socks and shoes. Since they stick to the skin, as a result, they cause the foot to smell bad.
  • It often finds hormonal changes cause feet to sweat more.
  • When you wear shoes, socks and they don’t allow evaporation that time moisture gets trapped under our feet. Hence, the bacteria begin growing.
  • Because of poor personal hygiene.
  • Stress, Hyperhidrosis, and medications also cause our feet to smell.
  • When we wear the same shoes and socks everyday repeatedly before dry.
  • Taking alcohol and drugs also responsible for this problem.

Easy Solutions to Cure Smelly Feet and Shoes

We should wear wool or cotton socks and leather or canvas shoes rather than use synthetic ones. And, remember never wear the same pair of shoes for long periods. They should get at least 24 hours for airing. However, the more you need to care to keep feet fresh are-

  • Use some anti bacterial soap as like Hibiscrub to wash your feet. Further leave the hibiscrub for a couple of minute and then wash it off. To emphasize by doing this twice a day you can banish the smelly feet within a week.
  • As a home remedy, you can try using tea. In particular, tea contains tannic acid so they will keep your feet dry by reducing the amount of sweat and odor. As for this, soak your feet for 30 minutes with two teabags in a liter of cooled water.
  • In this regard, Dr. Kosinski suggested for vinegar baths. Even you can try some salt wash, pour ½-cup kosher salt into 4 cups water. Then soak for 10 to 15 minutes and dry them thoroughly.
  • Try to change your footwear to ensure the materials allow your feet to breathe.
  • Apply some zinc or castor oil cream every day after washing your feet.

Almost all we think alike why do my feet smell so bad. As because of the sweat glands of our feet secrets all the time, so bacteria grow and cause smelly feet. Moreover, I found a great result after following these above-mentioned tips for me. So I also suggest you to follow and if possible consult with your near doctor about this.

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