Tips for walking with diabetes and walking benefits for diabetes

The people with diabetes can follow some tips for walking with diabetes. Walking is very useful for the diabetes people. It also prevents the weight gain. Walking benefits us in many ways such as controlling the blood sugar, improving insulin sensitivity, lowering A1C level. For the people who have diabetes need to control diet and do some physical exercises. And the easy and convenient exercise is walking. But people who have type 2 diabetes should take advice from a doctor.

Tips for walking with diabetes

Now I am showing you some tips for walking with diabetes.

Make a Plan 

To start the new workout program, you need a plan and schedule. You should think about the time, all day plans, clothes, and your shoes, walking track, etc. Then try to make your exercise as the regular part of the life. Many experts say that people with diabetes need exercise. Try to walk at least 30 minutes every day.

Choose Right Shoes and socks

You should take care of your feet. Every people need a pair of walking shoes to protect the feet. The properly fitted shoes will protect you from blisters and injuries. You will find a lot of options for walking shoes in the stores. Socks are essential to protect you from blisters. Do not use cotton socks. Miracle fabrics are suitable for sweat and blisters. Try the socks that are well fitted to your foot.

Check the sugar level in the blood

Before starting your walking course, you should check your sugar level in the blood. If the blood level is below 100 mg/dl, it seems it is too low. So, you need to eat carbohydrates from 15-20 gm. If you see that your blood level is over 250mg/dl, it is too high. In this case, you should postpone the walk until the sugar level going lower. Before going for a long walk, check the blood sugar level. It is essential for the people who are new in walking.

Be prepared

Before going out to walk, you need to take a small preparation. Check your blood sugar. You should do it 30 minutes before your walk. If you see that the blood sugar is below 30 mg/dl, you can take a small portion of low-fat snacks such as a piece of fruit.

When to Walk

You should determine the best time for walking. It is better to walk after two hours of taking a meal. In this condition, your blood pressure or sugar level will settle down. Morning walking is better for the people with 1 level diabetes.

Warm up yourself and then cool down

At the start of your walking, you need to warm-up yourself. Then when you end up your walking, you should have a cool-down period. Both of these involve slow walking for 5 minutes. Do some stretching after warm-up and cool-down.

Keep motivated

To motivate yourself, you can listen to radio programs, music while walking. Music helps you in some ways such as it keeps you active, encourages you to keep pace, etc. You can also talk to your friends or relatives while walking. If you have a pet, you can take it with you as the companion.

Set your goals

If you are the beginner, you can try 600 steps at first for a week. Then add more 600 steps to every week.  In the same process, add steps, and then, at last, you can do 7500-9999 steps.

Move correctly

After wearing your shoes, you should walk such as way that your foot hits the ground correctly. Keep the toes pointed frontward, then chin up and keep your shoulders straight. One more thing that, you should swing the arms.

Drink Enough

To prevent dehydration, you should drink enough. You can drink a glass of fresh water before one hour of going for a walk. Besides, take some water with you and drink some water every 20 minutes while walking. Then complete your goal, you should drink a glass water. It will keep your hydration level right.

Walking benefits for diabetes

Morning walk in the clean increases the performance of the heart. When you walk, your heart pumps the blood to your organs. By this, each organ keeps healthy and active. When you run in the morning, your lungs get fresh air which contains fresh oxygen. This oxygen goes to your brain with your blood. By this, your brain becomes sharper and active. People with diabetes should control the blood pressure. For this, walking is the best way. It regulates blood pressure. If you regularly do some walk, the fat of your blood will be removed. Besides, while walking, the blood insulin decays.

When you walk, some sweat comes out. It is good for your skin because it brightens your skin. Regular work burns fat and control body weight which is essential for the people with diabetes. By walking, we can decay a lot of calories. As a result, we can keep our body shape beautifully by walking at least 20 minutes daily.

Morning walk reduces the stress on the body. Your mind will also be fresh. Besides, walking increases immunity by providing clean and enough oxygen to the cell of your body. The increasing immunity will decrease the tendency of being sick.

Most of the people are suffering from diabetes. People with diabetes need to control their eating habit. Besides, the need to do some physical exercises on a daily basis according to the sugar level in the blood. In this case, walking is the best habit to control diabetes and body weight. If you have diabetes and want to control it by doing some exercises, you should make a habit of walking. Morning walk is the best. Besides, you can walk in the evening after one hour of taking your meal. Check the blood sugar regularly and continue your walking according to the sugar level. People with type 2 diabetes should not walk without the advice of a doctor.

You can also walk on the walking treadmill and it will also help you too much.

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