Six questions

Cassie tagged me in a question/answer thing so I’m just going to answer a few of hers and some of Natasha’s because I’m lazy and like to do things only halfway.

1) What’s your favorite drink?

Perrier Jouet.

2) Would you consider yourself shy or outgoing?

Probably more on the outgoing spectrum… especially after a run-in with some PJ.

I used to be a lot more shy growing up, but then I woke up old one day and realized that no one’s as occupied with you as you are.

and it’s ok to be a tool.  own it.

3) What’s your profession?

Stay-at-home wife.

4) How would you describe your style?


Sweatpants: the one piece of clothing that tells the world how tragically despondent your life has become without ever saying a word.

5) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

My metabolism.  Why does Costco make a cake with 4 corners if you’re not supposed to eat all 4 at once?  Riddle me that, smart one.

6) What one makeup product can you not live without?

Man, that’s a hard hitting question that I can’t even begin to answer.  I like makeup.  I’m not claiming to be good at it but I like looking like I care.  even when I don’t.

So my one product would be: eyelashcurlerliquideyelinerbronzerblushfoundation.

Crappy Reader Race Pics


“I have a good one for you…  This should be a really cool picture with the monuments in the back ground, but instead I look like I need to find a porta-potty.”


Turkey Trot 5k back in November: we were totally pumped up to dress like Indians and pose for some sweet pics at the finish line.  And then we got to the race super late and ended up sprinting to the START line just as the gun went off. 

We still don’t know if this photo is from the actual race, or if some race photog was just getting his camera warmed up with some pre-race shots.  We’re 99% sure it was the latter.  Sadly this is the only picture of us from the race — three pissed off and already tired power-walking Indians.  Happy Thanksgiving.”

**Go check out Macaroni Kid VB if you missed my post on runner’s safety especially in light of tomorrow’s memorial run for Sherry Arnold.

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