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Summary and Overall Rating:

The Saucony Ride 8 is good-looking and comfortable shoes model of Saucony brand and most durable running shoes. It is a shoe for neutral runners searching for a dependable trainer with moderate cushioning and responsiveness.

This Saucony Ride 8 is an athletic trainer intended for the road and track while offering reasonable cushioning. This shoe is a tad heavier than some of the other shoes, but that is simple to understand when you see how sturdy the shoes are.  The Saucony made those shoes for any unbiased runner that wants available and durable shoes.


The upper of the Saucony Ride 8 is mostly made up of a robust and breathable mesh. This mesh is better than the mesh used in the Ride 7s which may be because of utilized FlexFilm on the Saucony Ride 8. FlexFilm is the thin cover that’s molded onto the upper for extra support without supplementary stitching. The laces on the Ride 8 are slightly dissimilar than standard laces. They are flat and flexible. They can stretch an additional 30% when tugged at occupied force.


Saucony Company uses SSL EVA foam in the midsole to maintain the mass down while returning a proper amount of energy back in each stride. They contain a 26mm heel stack height & an 18mm forefoot pile height on the shoe, which provides the boot with an 8mm drop. It is a higher drop than the 4mm in Saucony Mirages and Zealots.


The outsole is magnificently packed with a combine of rubber patches. Maximum of the outsole is Saucony’s iBR+ rubber that is 33% lighter and offers extra cushioning than typically blown rubber. It is not as durable as natural rubber, which is why Saucony put their stronger and heavier XT-900 carbon rubber below the heel and tip of this shoe.


This Saucony Ride 8 approaches from a line of booming models and shows itself to be a great reliable trainer for impartial runners still. It is not the lightest out there, but that will not matter when you observe how strong they are.

Top Features:

  • Heel To Toe POWERGRID Cushioning: POWERGRID creates a remarkably smooth, receptive ride.
  • iBR+: 33% lighter and additional cushioned than generally blown rubber.
  • FLEXFILM Upper: No-sew covers enhance fit devoid of adding weight.


  • It approaches with the shoe’s FlexFilm upper which provides an adequate fit without sacrificing weight.
  • This Ride 8 has a more appealing intend than its predecessors.
  • It offers a broad range of flexibility.
  • The mid-sole unit is a smorgasbord of immense technologies that would assist the runner to move forward in a much more inventive method.
  • The strength of this 8th version of the series is also lauded.
  • The outsole contains components that recover traction and defence against abrasion.


  • Saucony Ride 8 is faintly luxurious.
  • Some complained about the Open Mesh upper that, it is not as breathable as intended, creating their feet heater inside.

Recommended if …

  1. You wish to chase a learner running and exercises plan.
  2. You are prepared to continue a detailed plan of your activities.
  3. You desire to stay on top the game by taking up confronts and preparation harder.

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  1. Just recently I used these and truly like them. They have an extraordinary adjust of padding and responsiveness. I appreciate running in them more than some other shoe I’ve needed to date.

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