San Fran Half Marathon Race Recap

WORKOUT – Elliptical – 55 mins, (next day after the race ran 6.2 easy, slow miles)

Sunday morning I got up at 5:15 and had my 3 cups of Starbucks VIAinstant coffee.

This stuff kills hotel coffee.  And hotel coffee is normally so bad it could probably kill you.

Walked to the start line at 6:30 and had an Espresso Love Gu at 6:45am.

Started with my friend Reese in her corral, the 10-12 min mile corral, instead of battling the crowds to get to mine.


I would regret doing this for most of the race.

We started about 13 mins after the gun went off and for the first 6 miles I hated myself for starting so far back.  All I did was dodge people and failed to get into some sort of decent pace.  I’d be running a 7:47/mile and the next minute it’d be a 9 min mile because there was just no room.  Around mile 6 the HILLS started so it thinned out a bit, but except for the very end, I was never in a good spot or good pace.

(What I wore.  I think last year was a little colder than this year, but I wore this same Nike Drifit tee last year too so I had to bring it back.)

Miles 6-11 were steep inclines and steep declines.  This is definitely not an easy course and not a PR course, but it is a fun course.  At mile 10 I took my other GU.  Looking back, I probably should have eaten something a little more substantial before the race because I was getting tired.  Around mile 8 or 9 they were handing out orange slices and I sucked on one.

For most of the race I was really thirsty; I tried to hit up some of the hydro stations but they were so packed you had to stop to grab a cup.  This just made me mad so I just bypassed the rest of them…. hence being really thirsty.

I finished in 1:47:34 – decent enough, I guess.  I was tired after the race but I never felt like I was running really fast or pushing myself hard.  I think it just felt weird because I hadn’t ran any hilly courses in a long time and I couldn’t for the life of me stick to any sort of pace.

POSITIVE: This was my first half marathon race 1 year ago and I shaved about 28 mins off my time.

NEGATIVE: If I had been turned my brain on before the race and started in the right corral, I think I could have ran a lot harder, faster, and happier.

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