Interval Training Workouts for Beginners

Interval Training Workouts for Beginners

New to the wonderful world of interval training workouts?

Wondering how to choose a routine that will suit your specific needs? There are many interval training workouts for runners of all levels – especially beginners. The trick is choosing one that will get the results you want in the fastest possible time.

The whole point of interval training workouts for beginners is to introduce newbies to high and low intensity bursts of exercise without incurring injury.

Choose carefully, keep yourself well-hydrated and don’t perform this type of routine more than 2 times per week. It’s pretty intense stuff and the body needs time to recover.

Here are 2 of my favourite interval training workouts for beginners. Try them outside or on a treadmill indoors.

Cardio Interval Training Workouts for Beginners

Are you prepared to push it to the max for 22 minutes? If so, interval training workouts for beginners based on sprinting and more moderately paced running are the way forward. Don’t be deceived by the seemingly short duration! Twenty two mintues may not seem like a long time but the sprint intervals are challenging. Prepare to work hard and feel discomfort at first. Don’t be disheartened. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you progress, build endurance and burn calories!

Here’s the routine structure:

Warm up – 5 minutes at an easy pace

Low intensity set – pick up speed to a comfortable put lively pace for 3 mins

High intensity set – here’s where your hard work comes in! Sprint at 80% capacity for 1 minute

Repeat the pattern 3 times then cool down for 5 minutes

Fat Loss Interval Training Workouts for Beginners

It’s all about the after-burn! If you’re having trouble shedding a layer of padding, look no further! Interval training workouts for beginners that specifically target fat loss can help eliminate the old love handles. Thanks to the intensity of these routines, the body’s fast and slow twitch muscle fibers are both used.

Wondering how interval training workouts for beginners that focus on fat loss work?

It’s a simple case of supply and demand.

The body has to supply huge amounts of oxygen and continues to recoup lost energy even after you stop exercising by drawing on the fat reserves.

Here’s the routine structure:

Warm up – 5 minutes at an easy pace

Low intensity set – 3 minutes at a comfortable but lively pace

Work set – 1 minute sprinting at 100% capacity. If you are on a treadmill, raise the incline slightly then lower it again for the low intensity set.

Repeat 4 times then cool down at an easy pace for 5 minutes.

Treadmill Interval Training Workouts for Beginners

I’m a fan of treadmill interval training workouts for beginners as they make life easier. Not in terms of actual effort required! I’m talking timings, coaching tips and encouragement. These routines aren’t easy and they work using precise timings. Interval training workouts for beginners require concentration and looking at your watch constantly is not going to help.

I’d recommend trying interval training workouts for beginners on the treadmill first.


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