Interval Training Treadmill Fat Loss Workouts

The key to burning fat, shedding pounds and toning up is interval training. Treadmill fat loss workouts based around the speed up, slow down approach to running are the fastest way to getting rid of that stubborn padding. Anyone who’s ever been in the situation where nothing seems to reduce those paunchy bits that appear round your middle or hips will know exactly what I mean!

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. The body is a very efficient tool when it comes to storing fat. Getting rid of it can seem like an impossible task. Interval training treadmill fat loss workouts can make a significant difference.

Here’s how it all works…

How Interval Training Treadmill Fat Loss Workouts Work

Ok, so you’re probably wondering what interval training treadmill fat loss workouts are actually all about. What makes this a better fat burner than, say, steady state cardio? Surely there can’t be that much difference between the two? Actually, there can and there is. Think of it like you would a car burning fuel. Putting on short bursts of speed in a car burns more fuel than driving at the same speed over a certain distance. The same principle applies to interval-based running programs on the treadmill.

Interval training is simply about combining high and low intensity bouts of exercise.

You can apply it to virtually anything from cycling and swimming to resistance training and running. It’s the only workout type  that’s both aerobic and anaerobic, so you get a supercharged double whammy of a workout!

It’s difficult to get into the fat burning zone via steady state cardio. Interval training treadmill fat loss workouts burn energy and draw on the body’s fat reserves during and after exercise. That’s the key element – the afterburn effect. The body continues to expend energy to bring itself back to a restive state and repair muscles. As you’ve just given it a harder workout than usual, more energy is needed. The metabolism gets an almighty boost and the body becomes better at managing energy levels and burning fat.

Interval-based running programs on a treadmill allow you to run at a more intense rate than you would normally. More calories are burned due to the short, sudden bursts of speed. The body burns through its carb stores and is forced to move to the fat stores.

The body also processes lactic acid build-up, which helps to combat fatigue. Calories and fat are burned faster than they would be if you performed a more moderate form of aerobic exercise at a constant rate.

Timing is the key to interval training treadmill fat loss. It’s important to get the timings right, which is why I’d recommend following a plan or trying a professionally designed workout at first.

Intervals can be anything from as little as 10 seconds to 2 or 3 minutes max.

Variety is incredibly important. Don’t follow the same interval running programs on a treadmill for months on end. You need to mix things up and try different ones to avoid hitting a training plateau and reduce risk of injury. Stick to 2 workouts per week and no more.

Best Interval Training Treadmill Fat Loss Workouts

Choose your workout carefully! The best interval training treadmill fat loss workouts are those suited to  your level of running ability.

For fat burning, I’d recommend shorter intervals.  Try a 20-second sprint followed by a 1 minute moderately paced run.

For endurance work, longer intervals are better for building strength.

Work to rest ratios vary wildly and there is no right or wrong workout as such. However, you can follow a work to rest ratio formula to make things easier. You don’t need to be a math genius, it’s a simple pattern. Let’s start with the aforementioned workout of a 20-second sprint followed by a 60-second ‘rest’ period. That’s a ratio of 1 : 3.  Get it?

Want to go a little longer? Feel free to progress up to 1 minute with a 2 minute rest period. However, if you’re new to interval training treadmill fat loss workouts, it’s best to start with shorter intervals and work your way up gradually.

I’ve seen plenty of articles on the internet that make astounding claims about interval running programs on the treadmill. Ignore anything that claims you can burn alot of fat with less effort. Unfortunately, that’s too good to be true! It would be more accurate to say that you can burn more fat in less time. To say can burn fat with less effort is wishful thinking at best.

Interval training treadmill fat loss workouts are about maximising the time you spend running. They’re not about putting in less effort and expecting better results!

What to expect…

Combining short bursts of intense work with more moderately paced running is arguably more interesting than simply plodding away on the treadmill for 30 minutes! There are tons of different routines out there aimed at beginner, intermediate and advanced level runners. Start simple on a 1% incline with an easy-to-follow formula. I can recommend Treadmill Trainer Volume 2 as a starting block for beginners. If you’ve already got a 10k under your belt and want a real fat-blaster, try Treadmill Trainer Volume 3.

If you really want to go for the burn, check out Treadmill Trainer Volume 4, which is aimed at intermediate to advanced level runners. It’s a kick-ass, 75-minute beast of a workout that will seriously raise fitness levels and torch fat.

Add resistance training to boost fat loss…

In addition to interval training treadmill fat loss workouts, you may want to explore resistance sessions. Many runners automatically switch off when resistance training is mentioned but it’s actually a brilliant way to burn fat. In a similar way to interval running, working with weights can help to boost the metabolism. It’s all about after burn and muscle repair. The body needs to deliver oxygen more efficiently to replace lost energy levels and repair muscles. Again, it draws on fat reserves.

Don’t use resistance sessions in place of interval running programs on the treadmill. It’s the combination of the two that produce the best results.

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