10 Best Insoles For Flat Feet Recommended By Doctors

If you are suffering from flat feet problem than there is a no option but using the best insoles for flat feet or best shoe insert for flat feet. Most of the time, this especially shoe insert is a short or permanent cure of feet pain, heel pain, knee pain etc. with the right size of shoes. Many people suffering from such these problem only because of wrong shoes sizes and insoles.

Top 10 Best Insoles for Flat Feet Reviews

To help you on this factors we arranged this article for all the flat-footed person. So, he or she can learn about best inserts for flat feet and how to choose and wear them. Let’s get started.

ProductOverall RatingLinks
Instant-Relief Orthotics by Samurai Insoles
Instant-Relief Orthotics by Samurai Insoles
98%Check Price
Performance Shoe Insoles by Sof Sole
Performance Shoe Insoles by Sof Sole
97%Check Price
Full-Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles by Powerstep
Full-Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles by Powerstep
99%Check Price
Insoles by Copper Compression
Insoles by Copper Compression
95%Check Price
Orthotic Insoles by Nazaroo
Orthotic Insoles by Nazaroo
97%Check Price
Orthotics Insoles by Cadier
Orthotics Insoles by Cadier
94%Check Price
Orthotic Insoles by WinnBase
Orthotic Insoles by WinnBase
93%Check Price
Birkenstock Blue Footbed-Arch Support Flat
Birkenstock Blue Footbed-Arch Support Flat
97%Check Price
Feetmat Shoe Inserts
Feetmat Shoe Inserts
95%Check Price
Vionic Active Orthotic Insole
Vionic Active Orthotic Insole
96%Check Price

1. Instant-Relief Orthotics by Samurai Insoles

Instant Relief Orthotics for Flat Feet by Samurai InsolesFlat feet holder who need to wear shoes for a long time in a day or use to run, jump or workout wearing sports shoes will live this best shoe inserts for flat feet. The Instant-Relief Orthotics for Flat Feet by Samurai Insoles is perfect for almost all fat feet. They are made of according to the human’s fat feet shape not with shoe size. Shoes are meant for every type of feet on a particular size. but insoles need to be used according to the foot type. These insoles form Samurai is good for rock-solid arch support. Its comfortable and feels very light.

Unlike other orthotics, they are not plain or ugly. infect this bright red color up and black bottom with little heel seems nice to see. The insole is usable with any sneakers, boots, slippers, clogs or even flats. It’s a reliever so you that you can get rid of arch pain, heel pain and sin pain very easily.

In addition, the size and shape of the insoles are fit for almost everyone. But if you need you can slightly trim them for a perfect fit. According to your usages more/less it will last for a long time.


  • Fits well in the most shape of feet, but also has an option for trim.
  • Thin but durable.
  • Springy inners core provides a good support in proper places.
  • Low-profile and ideal for wearing all day long.
  • Best for runners, dog walkers etc.


  • A bit expensive on the basis of quality.
  • The color fades out after few month of use.

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2. Performance Shoe Insoles by Sof Sole

Performance Shoe Insoles by Sof SoleHere is one of the best and supportive insoles from Sof Sole. The Performance Shoe Insoles is made of the combination of Nylon, rubber, and fabric. All these materials work for a different purpose to give a maximum performance to keep your feet comfortable. Like, its Nylon plate in the arch helps to the flat feet stain in line and steady. The part of a foot like toes, heel, arches etc. Are different from each other and they need a different kind of support. That is why the insole has the Skydex air bubbles in the heel and arch. This works for absorbing shock in any conditions. So, if you have injuries or constant pain on heel, toe etc. Then it will save you from getting hurt. To keep the forefoot safe the manufacturer used a gel insole. So you can see, for the different foot parts they used different construction and materials for better absorbance. For better coverage of the sole and keep your feet cool and dry it has CoolMax fabric top. It’s very durable and easily absorb the moisture. If you need insole especially for a run, cross training including everyday walk, then this best shoe inserts for flat feet will be perfect to have.


  • Best for wear with loose-fitting shoes.
  • They don’t slide around.
  • Good for flat feet stay in line.
  • The heel and arch area absorb impact.
  • Affordable price.


  • Little thick and lift the feet up.
  • Trimming is bit intricate.

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3. Full-Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles by Powerstep

Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles by PowerstepIf you want a durable low price and but quality insoles than the Full-Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles by Powerstep will be a smart choice. These insoles are very cured of a different type of feet and knee pain. Especially the Plantar fasciitis or problem like heel spurs. Many penitence of these particular fields is benefited by these best insole. You can use them in different types of shoes. They are slim, lightweight and low profile. It has the heel cradle are which keep the foot bone verticals. So, the heel and toes stay in line and more stable. Moreover, the cushioning latex pad gives the feet a better support and comfort for all-day ling.

It has a thins fabric layers made of high-quality materials. It’s very fresh and keeps your feet cool and dry for a long time. The fabric is also very durable and won’t fade the color so easily. Besides, the insoles are fit for most footwear of men and women. You can use them for your dress shoes, work boots, running shoes, sneakers, slippers, street shoes and so on.


  • Does not slide back and forth.
  • Feels light and comfortable.
  • Right pricing.
  • Helps on cure heel spur and plantar fasciitis.


  • Leave the toe unsupported.
  • Not so comfortable with wide feet.

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4. Flat Feet Foot Insoles by Copper Compression

Flat Feet Foot Insoles by Copper CompressionCopper Compression brings a high-quality flat feet insole, especially for busy working people. The Flat Feet Foot Insoles is the made of genuine copper ions- Cu+ and Cu++. It consists high copper compare than other copper-oxide insoles. The flat feet insoles work great on reducing stiff, sore in the muscles and joints. So, that you can move freely and do whatever you want wearing shoes. They are light, soft and very supportive. This flat feet insoles are very long lasting. Also, their slim and ergonomic shape fist any kind of shoes without trimming. It has a high angle on heel area which keeps away the blistering, burning, fatigue of the heel. Moreover, the insoles are clack in color so, they will save your time on cleaning. They would be clean just wipe with a damp cloth if necessary. These insoles are designed to suit for both man and women.


  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Great to support stiff and sore muscles.
  • Very comfortable and light.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Not suitable for dress or casual style leather shoes.
  • Not so well in moisture absorbing and odor control.

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5. Orthotic Insoles by Nazaroo

Orthotic Insoles for Flat Feet by NazarooHere are another light and durable flat feet insoles for any pronator, plantar fasciitis, and separator patients. It’s made for proper heel care, cushioning and arch support. Its only 14 ounces so, easily wearable with any type of shoes. They also bend easily so, you can use them with your slightly heel-shoes quite well. But the sturdy and quality construction of the shoes never break or wear easily. The cushioned arch and heel area keep the feet safe from rubbing blistering, etc. the bottom of this flat feet insoles are great on shock absorbance which makes it best arch support for flat feet.

This best insole for flat feet’s low-profile designs doesn’t make the feet up and make you feel lifted. It’s good for absorbing moisture so the foot stays dry for a long time. It has the red colored fabric layers which are quite breathable. But this color doesn’t get fade so easily even after a long time of use. If need you can wash them to keep them clean.


  • lightweight and comfortable.
  • Affordable price.
  • Made of high-quality materials.
  • Make the feet stress free for a long time.


  • Not so well for overweight people.
  • leaves toe unsupported.

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6. Orthotics Insoles by Cadier

Orthotics Insoles for Flat Feet by CadierThose who are to treat their feet pain, knee pain etc. for only being flat-footed, can surely consider having the Orthotics Flat Feet Insoles by Cadier. This is one of the best insoles for flat-feet which helps to reduce such these pain, stiffness from the heel, ankle, knee, etc. also it works for muscles, ligaments, tendons to get stronger and realigning.

It’s made of medium density lightweight EVA with the modern Durapontex cohousing. Also, its shock absorbance heel and forefoot padding are made it more comfortable. The insole has the microfiber top layer. It’s good for absorbing body sweat and keep feet dry and cool.

The insole is designed with firm but flexible support shell. It’s good at support your arch and heel cradle and increase stability during the walk. Its professional-grade design and construction make it’s more acceptable to the people with such these problem. This insole is suitable to use for both men and women. If you can get the proper size than possibility its will stay with you for a long time with great service.


  • EVA upper materials, good for treated anti-microbial.
  • Suitable for both men and women footwear.
  • Great for treating feet pain, knee pain, and back pain.
  • Affordable price.
  • Long durable.


  • The hideous color looks odd on shoes.

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7. Orthotic Insoles by WinnBase

Orthotic Insoles for Flat Feet by WinnBaseHere are the best shoe inserts for flat feet that is a bit different from another insole available in the market. The Orthotic Flat Feet Insoles by WinnBase is different well-made insole that anyone loves to have. It has a high arch so that it can provide full arch support to your fallen or flat arches. The height of this insoles is 1.2 inches. It may seem high for some people. But if you started to use them daily and increase the usage time than you will understand why it’s so useful to use.

Its high-quality EVA materials provide comfortable cushioning during long time usage. Also, its mercerized cashmere layer on top absorb sweat to keep the feet dry and odor free. The design of the insoles is developed by a team of physiotherapist and podiatrists. That is the reason they are different form every other insole. The insoles come with extra gel pads for arch support. It’s a massage pad which helps to relieve arch pain if used regularly. So, you can use them for your everyday actives like walk, run, workout, or any sports.


  • High arch height 1.2 inches.
  • Made of EVA materials.
  • Very flexible and comfortable to wear for a long time.
  • Fits most kind of footwear.
  • Suitable for wide fat feet.


  • Need to purchase separate insole for man and woman.
  • Little heavy.

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8. Birkenstock Blue Footbed-Arch Support Flat

Birkenstock Blue Footbed Arch Support FlatThis best insole for flat feet is a bit different from other insoles mostly available in the market. The Birkenstock Blue Footbed-Arch Support Flat is special and popular due to supper performance. Many physiotherapist and podiatrists prescribe it for penitent with feet or knee pain. It’s made of high-quality synthetic materials, with high side and deep heel cups. The insole balances the foot pressure and reduces the fatigue of foot with its contoured high arch.

They come different shape and sizes for man and woman separately. it has cork sole, leather bottom. it’s very light only 1.6 ounces. the insoles have the silk lining absorb moistures. It comes with one same color white upper and brown bottom. The white colors get dull easily after few usage. But still, it’s best arch support for flat feet for wearing for a long time.


  • Quality cork sole foot-bed.
  • lightweight and supportive.
  • Consists of high sides and deep heel cups.
  • EVA bottoms good for shock absorbing.
  • For moisture absorbing it has silk Lining.


  • Expensive product.
  • Little rigid compare than others.

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9. Feetmat Shoe Inserts

Feetmat Shoe InsertsHere is another best quality insert that suitable to use for any shoes both man and women. The Feetmat Shoe Inserts are designed by concerning different foot shape and size and health issues. Its comfortable, supportive and also very attractive by the look.

It’s made of soft memory foam and gel cushioning. The get cushioning is on forefoot and back heel for better shock absorbance. To top layer of it made of EVA materials which also good at moister absorbance and odor control.

This insole has marked 8 to 11 size marking for trimming. It’s a great feature to cut off the excess sole form it with or without an insert of your old shoes. It’s with size 12 so if your foot size is 12 too then it will be fine. Others have to need scissors to make it in shape. But it’s better to use an old insert to check for right-sizing. Only gauss work of you eyeball may make you suffer later. So, it’s safe to check the size first.

Its suitable to use with sneaker, boots, clogs, slippers, flats or any other shoes that you want to wear. Overall it’s a great insole for flat feet to relief from such those feet pain, knee or back pain.


  • Affordable price.
  • Nice color and smart design.
  • Includes size lining to trim the excess neat and cleanly.
  • Perfect structure for your health.


  • Weighs feels heavy.
  • Little uncomfortable for below 9 size feet.

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10. Vionic Active Orthotic Insole

Vionic Active Orthotic InsoleThe Vionic Active Orthotic Insole is really helpful for people with feet stiffness, back tightness, feet pain, knee pain etc. The insoles are comfortable but not that soft that padded insole give. They make you stand straight and keep the heel and tow in line. For first few days they may seem uncomfortable but they won’t increases the pain. Later you will feel the differences more and more. it helps to lessen stiffness from the joints so the feet pains will go slowly. It’s made of high-quality synthetic and designed to use every day. You can use them for walking or with your cross-training shoes, boots etc. It has some padding bottom and thicker forefoot area.

This best insole comes with different models for man and woman. Its arch support is suitable for almost all fat and narrow flat feet and reduces heel or feet pain. It’s simple and goes with all in of footwear without giving any fuss. Overall its durable and an efferent Orthotic Insole compare than other costly insoles.


  • The neutral healing solution for your feet.
  • Lightweight and very comfortable.
  • Comes with different size for man and women.
  • Nice color and design.


  • Make sound sometimes if not placed properly.
  • Get dump during the summer and need to dry out separately.

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Benefits of wearing insoles

Good-quality insoles can help to reduce feet or heel pain a lot. That’s why many podiatrists, physiotherapist, and orthotics widely suggest it use insoles and arches for long or short time. It also, work for reducing shin, keen, and pain etc. but there are lots more benefits of wearing insoles which you need to know. Here is some discussion about all the benefits that insoles offer.

Help to reduce foot pain

A good quality insoles can help to reduce foot pain like heel pain, shin pain, etc. It also helps reduce long-term knee pain and back pain as well. Usually, the insole has the proper support that improves the balance of your foot with the alignments. So, that tensions are reduced form particular part of your foot that may cause of additional foot pains.

Absorb shocks

Insoles provide proper cushioning that helps to absorb shock and that makes your fit sore. Also, this cushioning system reduces pressure form while walking so the feet felt less tired. The insole protects the feet from such this factors so you can wear shoes for a long time without feeling any complications.

Stabilizes motion

Insoles also help on motion stabilization. It has some options to choose for different foot arches. According to your arch type, it will give you support and cushion at the same time so you can work better. So, even you need to change your shoes you will get the same support and motion with same consistency the old pain won’t poke your feet consistently.

Gives support to the arches

The best insole will give best arch support for flat feet. Not only flat feet any type of feet will be benefited from it. Insole with combining both features cushioning and support will give this performance to reduce arch pain. Having just one feature won’t make a big difference on arch support. So, look this factor seriously if you have issues with arches.

Prevent blistering

Just not blistering, ideal insoles will also prevent rubbing, fatigue too. It’s a common problem for many people from younger age to older. But its hazardous for the older people especially who have diabetics. Rubbing, blistering and fatigue is risky for diabetic patients hence their body takes time to fill a wound. So, sometimes this wound can turn into an incurable infection. To prevent such these things quality insole would be the life-saver.

How to Choose the Right Insole?

Now you know what insoles can offer to taken care of your feet. But without having the ‘Right One’ according to your condition all this reviews and discussion will be null and void. So, here are some important things to choose the right insole for every type of feet.

Insole Size

Insole size is normally indicated with shoe sizes. Like, Male shoes 8-10 inches. The sizing may vary manufacturer to manufacturer. Maximum full-length insoles are bit larger than shoes. Because insoles are designed to be trimmed before use. So, one can resize the shape according to his need. They are made to be used in a range of shoe sizes. And users are expected to cut the excess off if necessary. When placing an insole people trim the unnecessary length form the end before replacing it into the shoe. But insoles with ¾ length and other insert pieces, this size pieces are constant. They are not designed to trim. However, if your size is 8.5 and insoles are size 7-8 and 8-9 then you should go for next size up.

Insole Placement

Usually, full-length insoles need to place singularly into the shoes. You have to remove your existing insole in the shoe before placing the new one. Almost every single full-length insoles are meant to place this way. If there is any difference the manufacturer will tell in written on the package or description box. However, ¾ length insoles are the total opposite. They are ok with existing insoles of your old/new shoes. Actually, this type of insoles are thin and they are meant to be worn with the present insole of the shoes. The ¾ length insoles are placed either top or bottom of the existing insole according to the manufactures instruction.

Arch Type

One’s arch type will conform in three different types-

  • Medium or Neutral
  • Low or flat
  • High

Very insoles are made according to these three different sizes separately. So, the low arch insoles with not suitable for high arc insoles. Or else medium arch insoles are not meant for flat arches. Infect it will be painful!

So, before shop identify your arch type first. You can ask the seller, or read the description on insole item to finding the right one.

Footbed Type:

All insoles have four different type of footbed construction.

1) Rigid orthotic arch support

2) Semi-rigid orthotic arch support

3) Cushioned arch support

4) No arch support/flat cushion.

The first two footbeds are good for making nature motion with each step without over-pronation. The rigid orthotic arch support is bit stiff and good for aggressive arch support and suitable for pro orthotics users.

The next one- semi-rigid is ideal for first-time users. Its flexible and gives a good support stiff arches.

The cushioned arch support is most comfortable and flexible one among all. They have soft/solid padding on the platform and gives support in different pressure pots of the feet. It also reduces foot fatigue.

The last one flat cushioned footbed is totally fate like its name. It doesn’t have any arch support. It works for line the bottom of your shoes as a substitute of the sock liner. You can use the alternative of your existing insole to have a thick and flat feel.


Commonly the insoles are made form, foam, gel, leather, and cork. the foam is best for support, cushioning, and reduce stress. The gel insoles are best for shock absorption. Leather insoles are good for wearing with thin socks and feel the comfort. Corks insoles give a light cushioning but bit hard.

How to use Insoles into running Shoes

Flat feet suffer will get super comfort by having extra padding and support around their arch. It will be insoles or orthotics but we will recommend for insoles if you are not prescribed by doctors for a particular type of orthotics. The insole is helpful for people with normal arched people too. How? Well, many of us need to wear shoes especially formal shoes for a long time of the day. For our job, office purpose, sports, defense work and so many. A great insole will help you to keep the feet stress free and prevent additional pains of feet.

That is why the best arch support insoles for flat feet are highly demandable. Here is some important fact about how o use insoles into your shoes.

  • Find out the proper size of the insole. Most of them are easy to trim to shape them as you need. Use a sharp scissor and your old insole or insert for that.
  • Wear the insoles as long as you wear your formal or casual shoes outside. But if you need break, you can take off the shoes for a while. But don’t try to wear them without insoles. Insert-less shoes may give you some air but turn back the old situation of flat feet problem. So, it will not help to recover pains. Some insoles comfortable from the first day of use some may take times. But don’t worry you will enjoy them.
  • Take out the insoles and let them be in the fresh air after returning home. If your insoles are not waterproofs than don’t try to wash them.
  • Choose the insoles for your feet according to your current condition. If you have heel pain/burning on starting to try the soft cushioned insoles with sneakers, boots or formal shoes. Cushioned insoles are good at keeping the fallen arch and heel in line with the toe.
  • You need semi-rigid insoles with proper for better support. If you have knee pain, lower back pain or pain in the forefoot than having cushioned will not help a lot. Also, gel cushioned insoles will be better for flat feet. Medical-grade polyurethane gel material is ideal for that.

Final Words

Quality insoles with right-sizing are the life-saving solution for people with flat feet. For working purpose or others, we need to wear a different kind of shoes every day. You can’t wear your best sneakers every day or in office or party. Hence, the insole or insert will help you to wear different types of shoes and keep the feet in proper alignment. It will make your corporate shoes comfortable and wearable for a long time.

As you see insole help you see formal and sharp even with the bad foot pains. It’s the support forever flat foot person to walk, run, exercise fluently. And the good news is they won’t cost so high. So, choose the best insoles for flat feet carefully and enjoy your every step.

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