Why do my shins hurt when I run

Oh! It’s a big question! If your shin hurts when you walk or run, I think it’s a very common matter. Perhaps you most likely have shin splints. Shin splints is the name for pain in the shins, or the front of your lower legs. The pain usually caused by exercise.

Moreover, you may have a stress fracture or a serious condition called chronic compartment syndrome.

In this article, I will explain about shin splints, causes, symptoms, prevention, & its treatment for your convenience.

Causes of shin splints

The causes of shin splints are not always clear. But they’re usually brought on by running or repetitive weight bearing on the legs.

There are several things that can increase your chances to have shin splints, and these are:

  • If you run uneven surfaces or on hard surface you may suffer from shin splints.
  • Your running shoes should be well fitted, wearing poorly fitting shoes may increase the chances to have shin splints.
  • Overweight is another important factor of having shin splints
  • Tight calf muscles or a weak ankle is also a vital factor of shin splints.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of shin splints

What is the main symptom of shin splints? I think the main symptom of shin splints is pain in the shin bones. And the pain runs down the front of your lower legs as well.

However, the pain of shin splints can start on either the front outside portion of your shin or in your lower leg that is just above your ankle.

Moreover, you might notice that the pain first as your heel strikes the ground as you walk or run.

However, your doctor can diagnose shin splints after taking a full medical history and examining the affected leg or legs as well.

How to prevent shin splints?

If you want to prevent shin splints the following measures may help a lot to reduce your shin splints:

  • Running on flat and soft surfaces may help to prevent shin splints.
  • If you’re overweight, you should lose your weight.
  • Make any change in your exercise very slowly. If you make the change suddenly it may increase your shin splints.

Treatment of shin splints

The treatment of Shin splints can usually be at home. The main treatment of shin splints is to take rest. It means you should not be running or walking at all. But many who are seriously involved with regular exercise could not keep away from their activities for several days or longer. But at this stage, if you do not take proper rest you may be in risk to do further damage to the muscles in your shin. So, complete rest is important to be cured.

However, you can continue another light exercise like cycling or swimming to keep your fitness up in this stage.

Another thing you can do easily is to change your running shoes.

Lastly, the pain is very common in people who runs or does other activities that involve repeatedly putting weight on the legs. Though, they aren’t usually serious, but it can stop you from your regular activities.

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