Why do my shins hurt when I run

Why do my shins hurt when I run

Oh! It’s a big question! If your shin hurts when you walk or run, I think it’s a very common matter. Perhaps you most likely have shin splints. Shin splints is the name for pain in the shins, or the front of your lower legs. The pain usually caused by exercise.

Moreover, you may have a stress fracture or a serious condition called chronic compartment syndrome.

In this article, I will explain about shin splints, causes, symptoms, prevention, & its treatment for your convenience.

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Best Exercises for Runners – You Must Try On Improve Your Running

Best exercises for runners

Best exercises for runners are very important to know because you need to follow some core workout to improve your running. If you only run by skipping the core workouts, it will be exactly like the quote, “You are expecting to harvest carrots without planting even tomatoes first”. Yeah, this is true; many runners believe they can perform better by only following a well-designed running program. To tell you honestly, this is the only half of the truth. In addition to this strength and core, exercises will help your running and prevent injuries.

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Best Diet for Runners – A Healthy Guideline to Follow Any Level

Best diet for runners

The best diet for runners is a fabulous thing to follow in order to make a personal record on race. You need to maintain a healthy diet throughout your training season to perform the best. A few days ago, it found in a Nutrition Journal the nutrient dense diet not only lessens the experience of hunger but also as effective, as improve your health and weight loss too. Nonetheless, your diet phase should be low in calories and high in nutrients.

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How to Avoid Running Injuries – 7 Ways to Prevent Running Injuries

How to Avoid Running Injuries

You should pay attention on how to avoid running injuries. Because of every year, a good percentage of runners nearly 80% face injury problems. It happened due to sudden changes in training volume, overuse or applying repeated forces. In this addition, the director of the Running Injury Clinic, Reed Ferber at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada mentioned this kind of injury could avoid by listening to your body and preparing better. So let’s learn how can u prevent the running injuries.

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Is Running a Good Way to Lose Weight?

Is running a good way to lose weight

Is running a good way to lose weight? This is the most asked question from people. By the way, do you really think it is the best way to shed pounds?  Well, the simple answer will be “YES”, definitely it is. According to Glenn Gaesser, the professor of Exercise Science at Arizona State University, running is very beneficial for health in order to lose weight and burn calories. Moreover running will provide a good bang for your buck, so choose a terrain, run faster and burn more calories.

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The Health Benefits of Running Surprising You Didn’t Know Before

The Health Benefits of Running

The health benefits of running daily are many. It is possible to prevent muscle and bone loss, stroke, diabetes, hypertension and bring a youthful appearance by running daily. It not only ends here, this is as beneficial as for lowers high cholesterol level. In a daily form of running, you can reduce your stress, enhance your mood and improve your blood clotting.

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