PCRF Cinco de Mayo Half Marathon Recap

Yesterday my friend and I ran/hobbled a half marathon in Irvine.  Had my friend not been in town, I wouldn’t have ran it.  But let me back that thang up first….

So we did a ton of fun stuff this weekend… bbq with friends, had other friends spend the night, ran the half, went out to Sunday mexican brunch, went golfing… and I took 0 pictures.  Yep, not a single one.

Also, thanks to reader Laura, I think I’ve figured out my thutt pain is piriformis syndrome which is when the sciatic nerve in your butt and thigh is pinched or irritated.  So all I can do is stretch it and rest it.  I was leaning towards amputation myself, but whatever.

Back to the race:

I wasn’t sure if I could run it or not so I was going to be ok with anything, a DNF or a 15 hour time, it was all gravy baby with me.  I take an aleve before the race and another at mile 7.  Looking back I should have brought the whole bottle with me; from the first quarter mile to the last, it hurt with every step.  The first 7 miles were the worst, then it kinda dulled out for awhile, and then kindly reminded me not to forget about it again.

I ran the first couple miles at 10+ min pace.  It was just painful and slow and I wanted to quit, but I imagined I was someone awesome and quitting was someone NOT awesome.

So I kept going and did a couple new things in this race, besides pop pills.  I stopped to go to the bathroom, never done that before while racing.  super fun and exciting.  And I also walked through all the water stations.  And instead of kicking, I saw my hubby and went and jumped on him (seriously)  right before the finish line.  When you’re hobbling slow, what’s another minute?

So I finished in 2 hrs 2 mins, 20 mins slower than my last half.  The bummer is that if I were healthy, I think I could have ran it under 1 hr 40, my goal.  Oh well, there’ll be another race and another time. The crazy thing is that I ran this race injured in the same time that I ran my 2nd ever half marathon back in November.  And at the time, I thought I had flames coming out of my shoes I was going so fast.  Funny how your perspective changes.

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