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Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine Buying Guide

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty is one of the most durable and easy working tennis ball machine for the clubs, camps, school and another place for playing tennis. This workhorse type model is a great combination of advanced features and reasonable price. This battery-operated machine is great for the intermediate of bargainers whose are seek of advanced control of ball movement. But surely those players will surely find it enough challenging and can improve their game after practicing with it. So having a more advanced and effective tennis playing there is no companion of Lobster Sports Elite Liberty.

Major Features of Lobster Sports Elite Liberty

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty includes with great features and stunning performance. Major features of this machine are given here.

Random & Horizontal Oscillation

One of the key features Lobster Sports Elite Liberty is horizontal random oscillation so it can fire calls forth and back randomly. This type of features included machines are not found at this price. So this will be a great choice for the beginners and intermediate level of player for improving their skills of tennis.

Easy to Transport

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty is easy to transport anywhere anytime. It is just 35 lbs which are very light compare than any other commercials models of tennis ball machine. Also for movement, it has an oversized wheel and handles for moving.  So anyone can pick and carry this machine easily without wasting time or any assistance.

Warranty Service

Like other reputed company, Lobster also provides 2 years of services if required. That means if you get any problem with your machine you will get free and quick professional service of Lobster Sports Inc. and get ultimate service of Lobster Sports Elite Liberty.

Full Control of Ball Actions

This tennis ball machine also offers ball spin and ball speed action. So you can get topspin and backspin actions in 0 to 50-degree elevation.


  • Oscillation speed random horizontal 20-80 mph.
  • Easy to use and easy to transport, infect with the full hopper of balls it can be easy to move anywhere.
  • Ball spine both topspin & backspin.
  • Best for those whose wants to level up their ball speed and spin.
  • Manual elevation 0 to 50 degree.
  • Comes with a basic battery charger.
  • Ball Capacity- 50.
  • Once fully charged it can be run for 2 hrs flawlessly. If the fast charger is used then the running time will double precisely.
  • Other available accessories- Fast charger, remote control, premium charger, storage cover and external power supply.
  • Comes with 2 years of company service warranty.

What Did Customers Say about Lobster Sports Elite Liberty

Lobster Sports Elite Liberty is a very useful and long durable tennis ball machine camper than any others. Let’s see what the opinion of the customers about this machine was.

“I loved this machine because of its great performance and overall features. It is one of my great companions on pass time.” By- AndyR.

ALT reviewer said, “Using for a month I belief, Elite Liberty is good for it overall features and performance and the price.”

Some different reviews said, “I like this machine but I think if it had some guideline to understand some features like speed, elevations etc. it can more preferable for everyone.” By- Devied J. Green.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Strong and durable.
  • It can improve your performance of playing tennis.
  • Battery operative device. So it can be easily used to camp or picnic side or anyplace where the absence of electricity or.
  • Its oversize wheel and light-weight ergonomic design make it easy to transport.


  • The feed control of the machine is bit poor.
  • Battery charges littlie slow.

Final Verdict

This machine is best for the primary and medium level of tennis players. Also it is very durable and provides a great workout, easy transportation and comes with the affordable price also. It will provide the best performance during the game without ball jams or other complications. So the Lobster Sports Elite Liberty is a good buy as for affordable entry level tennis ball machine.

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