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How to gain muscle mass fast – The Definitive Guide to build muscle

If you want to gain muscle, this is how you can gain more than 19 kilos of muscle in one year if you are in United States, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Argentina or Colombia. here we discuss about how to gain muscle mass fast.

The big secret is to further gain muscle get stronger.

The stronger you become more weight you can lift in the gym, more muscular you’ll see. This is true even if you are normal genetic or worse slender body and anabolic’re free. If these stronger means that you increased your muscle mass.

How to gain muscle mass fast - Arnold Schwarzenegger
How to gain muscle mass fast – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you’re starting to keep in mind that there are 3 types of people that make muscle very easily, if you follow their same routines will not have their own results, the 3 types are:

  • Genetics was standard– There are people who will do any kind of exercise and will gain their muscle mass. They are genetically blessed. An example is  Ronnie Coleman, 8 time winner of the Mr. Olympia, at 3 months to start going to the gym I win a local bodybuilding competition (this for someone without genetic out of this is impossible). Such people even without going to the gym have a lot of muscle. We all have a friend that measures 1.90 meters and weighs 100 kilos is thin, muscular and in his life to set foot in a gym.
  • Anabolic users: Use of anabolic drugs to gain muscle mass is not a secret, many athletes use them. If you plan not to use anabolic you can not follow the same training as them. Get you a dangerous amount of testosterone, growth hormone and other anabolic greatly changes the metabolism of your body.
  • Advanced weight lifters: The majority of bodybuilders you see in the gym belong to this group. Last year to gain their muscle mass and occupy a very different kind of routines to which person just beginning.

If you’re not one of those kind of people, and you have genetics skinny person like me then: you should be lifting more weight today than a year ago or a few months ago, but you’re doing it wrong and you are not creating muscle.

The reality is that the person who can 250 pounds in the bench press is stronger and bigger than someone who can not lift that weight on bench press pectoral muscles.

Because people with better physical can lift much weight? Because they know that the more force is more muscle.

An example is Arnold Schwarzenegger, the 7-time Mr Olympia champion. Arnold did strength training for years before competing in bodybuilding. Arnold could lift up to 710 pounds of dead weight.

How to gain muscle mass fast - Arnold in a contest of strength before bodybuilder
How to gain muscle mass fast – Arnold in a contest of strength before bodybuilder.

Other examples of bodybuilder who had an impressive force:

  • Ronnie Coleman: The 8 times Mr Olympia champion could lift 800 lbs of dead weight, more than Arnold.
  • Franco Columbo: The training partner of Arnold Schwarzenegger in California, could lift 755 lbs of dead weight.

You need not be a bodybuilder.

Most of us do not want to look like Ronnie Coleman giant, not to mention the health risk than a physique like Ronnie Coleman, most want a physical to see us strong and with this method really going to be strong. With this method only occupy train 3 times a week in sessions of one hour without using drugs or anabolic.

So this method works: Every time you go to the gym should try to lift more weight than the previous day, the more you strive more you can raise, the stronger you do, you’ll have more muscle.

The way to gain your muscle mass will depend on several important factors: the type of exercise you do, the type of body you have, the sleep, your diet and supplements you can use in order to achieve this goal.

How to gain muscle mass fast:

7 Tips to build muscle for weight lifter with average genetics and without use of anabolic.

If you surround your entire wrist with your thumb and your middle finger, touching the tips of the fingers, the world of bodybuilding you think a person with difficulties to build muscle, I can go around my wrist, my coaches told me I have genetic with difficulty creating muscle. Still I managed to raise more than 22 pounds of muscle mass.

  1. To create more muscle getting stronger.

You’ve heard it’s possible to become stronger without gaining muscle mass, we have all heard of the person who can squat 500 pounds and has chicken legs. I have not seen anyone or you’ll see it as force squatters to create more muscle hypertrophy, not muscle strength make no force.

Each time you go the gym Focus on increasing more and more weight.

How to gain muscle mass fast - muscle getting stronger
How to gain muscle mass fast – muscle getting stronger.
  1. Use free weights to build muscle.

Do not use the exercise machines, use the bars with free weights. More trouble and cause more pain to use free weights with an exercise machine. The more pain and more effort will cost you become stronger and faster increases your musuclar mass.

Machines help balance the weight when you exercise with free weights you must balance the weight, balance the weight you exercise other muscles responsible for balancing exercise not exercise machines.

If you are afraid of having an accident with free weight as you drop the bar on the face, start with light weight, the weight is increased as the weeks go by and you feel safer.

How to gain muscle mass fast - Use free weights to build muscle
How to gain muscle mass fast – Use free weights to build muscle.
  1. To build muscle you should eat like a giant.

Your muscles take energy for growth, muscle energy comes from the food you eat.

If you do not eat more than you ate before you will not gain muscle. The muscle does not grow air takes power and muscle power comes from the metabolism of food you eat. If you eat processed with little nutritional value this will not give the occupying power foods to your muscle, the muscle does not grow food waste, occupy foods high in quality protein and quality carbohydrates.

  • a) Increase your intake of calories from healthy foods.Do not eat processed foods, eat foods that people ate 100 years ago. Stop drinking sodas, eating sweets, cakes, etc. You should eat many more calories a day than you ate before. Increases from 250 to 1000 extra calories a day to gain your muscle, used myfitnesspal to count calories.
  • b) Increase your intake of protein.You should eat at least 200 grams of protein a day. Not occupy buy protein powder, you can reach 200 grams of high-protein foods such as tuna, fish, chicken and meat.
  • c) Take a gallon of water every day.Your muscles take water for rehydration and recovery.

Most important to gain your muscle mass is the quality of the food you eat and how many calories they consume daily , this is accompanied by an exercise of intense weight (click here to watch training to gain muscle mass).

At first you need to upload a lot of weight to gain your muscle (also gain your level of fat, it can make you look a bit fat but necessary) this phase lasts for 2-6 months after this period follows the definition in which you lose weight and some muscle, but your muscles to be defined for this process can gain muscle.

How to gain muscle mass fast - eat muscle gain food
How to gain muscle mass fast – eat muscle gain food.
  1. Work out bars to gain muscle mass.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and big bodybuilders do not become great by dumbbell weights you use long bars. When they are using dumbbells but only to help grow certain angles of your muscles occupying work. The main routine Arnold always wore barbell squats on his shoulders, bench press and dead lift exercise with weight loading bar.

Many people think they can make using only muscle as Arnold mancuernos. Many people fall victim to television where exercise is touted at home with very limiting apparatus or dumbbells and put bodybuilder (who make their muscle in the gym) promocionadolos-commercial info. This is a lie to occupy muscle become stronger and to use that occupy the bar.

Try to do a squat with dumbbells above your shoulders is very difficult to pick up 2 dumbbells 150 pounds each apart is dangerous. It is much easier to lift a 300 pound bar two 150-pound dumbbells. Work the quadriceps is much greater with the squat bar squats with dumbbell.

Use the bar to your main exercises. Since you occupy working an angle of some particular muscle using dumbbells, and only in limited cases.

How to gain muscle mass fast - Work out bars
How to gain muscle mass fast – Work out bars.
  1. Train your muscles more often to gain your muscle mass.

I’m not saying go six days a week to the gym.

But you do at least 2 times per week weighted barbell squat and bench press.

The more you train a muscle you can grow more (minimum must have 48 hours of rest). When a bodybuilder wants to gain muscle specific devotes two days a week training that muscle.

Reg Park, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mentor, was 3 times a week squats with the bar weight. The truth is that if you can not do this 3 times a week is not that you train on training but very little.

You will not find sports where train only 1 time a week to not over train a muscle. Michael Phelps nothing just 1 time a week to not over train, no more than once a week to train, Phelps trains six hours daily 6 times per week.

  1. You have to take days off to gain your muscle.

And you should have heard that muscle does not grow when you train but when you sleep. The training lose muscle mass but your body adapts and creates more muscle when resting.

Very few people have the genetics or are using anabolic to grow muscle while training six days a week.

Many people who have excellent results and do not use anbólicos only train 3-5 times a week.

If you have a long time without exercise better go only 3 days a week for at least the first 2 months until habit makes you go to the gym. Many people who start with 6 days a week stop going to the gym a few weeks, it is very difficult to leave free time to go 6 times a week to the gym while you have to go to work, social life, help your family, etc.

  1. constant if you want to gain muscle.

Arnold Schwarzenegger training hard eight years to win his first Mr. Olympia. Rome was not built in a day. Many think that with two weeks to go to the gym are going to get as Arnold, occupy years of work in the gym to reach físcio well.

We are made to think short term for instant gratification, this worked 15.000 years ago when we were cavemen, to live better in the modern world to think long term deal. If you want to gain your muscle mass will they do months and years of work in the gym.

Exercises to gain muscle mass:

Click here to view recommended to gain your muscle routines.

  • Ideally, the exercise routine is designed and directed by a personal trainer who has big muscles and years of experience in bodybuilding. All bodybuilding champions have it. It is that many do not want to devote the budget but worth it.
  • Choose and know the exercises to be performed will be of great help, because it is advised to be a routine to exercise the whole body, not just a particular muscle group.
  • Cardiovascular exercise is important, however, for the purpose and how to gain muscle mass, you will need to limit, as its main focus is burning fat, not muscle growth. A good option is to use this type of exercise to warm up.
  • It is important not to focus on one day of training all muscle groups, it is best to divide them into several days.
  • It is generally recommended train 4 to 5 times a week, and avoid injury.
  • Not for long workout, your muscles will grow.

Perseverance in carrying out the exercises will be indispensable.

How to gain muscle mass fast - Exercises
How to gain muscle mass fast – Exercises.

How to increase muscle mass with a balanced diet?

Eating a balanced diet and adequate positively determine the gain in muscle mass, this is a very important and fundamental aspect of how to gain muscle mass.

Tips for a diet to gain muscle:

  • It is advisable to make at least five meals a day (including snacks)
  • Includehomemade protein shakes can be a very good choice.
  • After training, it is important to include a recovery meal or snack, also include a meal or snack before bedtime, will help maintain the body, repairing and building muscle, for as long as the body is resting.
  • The first meal of the day, ie breakfast, it is essential that contains a balanced intake of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, without doubt, it will be the basis for a day full of energy, in addition to helping to perform daily activities, help when training.
  • Drinking enough water will keep the body hydrated.
  • We must choose and know the food of high biological value that provide protein, essential for development and increased muscle mass.
  • Foods that should not miss are: egg, tuna, lean meat (beef, chicken, pork), oily fish, dairy products, almonds, etc.

    How to increase muscle mass with a balanced diet
    How to increase muscle mass with a balanced diet?

Supplements to gain muscle mass.

There are several diets designed exclusively to work with increased muscle mass, however, the orientation of a nutritionist or bodybuilding is advised to make the best diet so we can achieve this goal effectively, designed according to lifestyle , sex, age, health condition of the person, etc.

Another of the pillars to gain muscle mass, is the use of supplements …

  • We recommend taking protein powder, you have a cup before training.A cup of protein after training. A good brand is the Isopure. Or you can make a homemade protein shake.
  • BCAA
  • Creatine.This does not take more than three months because it can cause kidney problems if taken daily for more than 3 months.
  • Nitric oxide: Help take it before training, for best performance during training and increases muscle so great.
  • There are many types of supplements, and with different functions, it is important to find out which are the safest.

    How to gain muscle mass fast - Supplements to gain muscle mass
    How to gain muscle mass fast – Supplements to gain muscle mass.

Supplements consumption goes hand in hand with a balanced and adequate diet that includes foods that help gain muscle mass.

You can read How to gain weight fast.

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