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10 tips to achieve a small waist

The waist is a part of the body where they tend to accumulate fat more easily, also in this area is where it becomes apparent that a person leads a sedentary life. We must keep in mind that not all can come to have a waist of 60 centimeters. And the bones of our waistlines are wider and may even not have any fat is not made smaller than we want. But with a localized series of easy exercises without leaving home, you get a shaped, firm and small waist. It’s just a matter of wanting, have discipline, perseverance and while continuing to exactly the exercises mentioned here.

Is that at the beginning can be difficult especially if you have never exercised. It also will not see the results quickly but is a process not lose hope so, try to eat plenty of fiber, drink plenty of water and remove fats from your diet. This way your body will start to digest food better, will eliminate toxins and accumulated fats.

The tips to achieve a small waist are as follows, remember to drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise, start with short sessions and slowly. You gradually see how your body will go asking for more strength and sessions will become more long and constant. To avoid the pain the next day performed a warm up and after exercise like walking, running or cycling.

Tips and exercises to have a small waist and toned.

  1. You can start doing crunches lying on a mat, remember to start with little and with the passage of time gradually increase the intensity and quantity, not supporting you put your hands on your head, put them in the temples or on the chest.
  2. Stand with legs slightly apart, arms behind his head, rotate the torso to one side and then the other accompanying the movement with arms and head.It’s good to do many repetitions of this exercise but do it slowly and with emphasis on the waist to prevent injury.
  3. Standing with his arms behind his head, legs slightly apart and torso leaning forward with your back straight (so that the legs are formed with an angle of 90 °), rotate the torso to the side and then Away accompanying the movement with arms and head.Do not rush, take your time, then you will see that increases flexibility and is easier to perform.
  4. Sitting in a chair with his body slightly back, arms behind the body with his hands clutching the chair, legs stretched suspended parallel to the floor, makes a contraction trying to touch your chest with your knees.Then place yourself in the starting position. Try doing a few reps at first and then auméntalas according to your abilities.
  5. Lie on the floor with your legs together and arms outstretched to the sides, raise both legs at once without unstuck from one another to form a 90 degree angle with the thorax.Slowly lower your legs to return to starting position.
  6. Stand with legs apart and arms extended sideways lean to the right, turning the torso down to try to play with his left hand on the right foot, then returns to the original position and repeat the movement but left (to play with the right hand the left foot).
  7. Take a broom and placed the stick behind his neck, resting on the shoulders and holding it with both hands.Stand with legs apart and slightly bent and begins a slow rotation movement back and forth, with the still hip. Begins slowly and then you will go increased the intensity and number of repetitions.

Find more exercises like this in our paper 5 Effective exercises to lose belly fat at home.

  1. It is very important to always be with the abdomen contracted either sitting, walking or standing, should lift the shoulders and neck straight put in place.You can reduce simply if you make twenty centimeters deep breaths while you control the position and relax.
  2. After daily shower, it is important fixtures cream with a gentle massage that will help prevent sagging.You can use firming and moisturizing creams for this massage.
  3. Do not forget to accompany exercise and achieve your goals, you must eat very healthy, do not skip meals a day, and try to choose foods that are low in calories and take mucah water or infusions.You can also take natural fruit juices without added sugar.

You can also visit the link 6 exercises for a smaller waist where you will see more graphically different exercises you can do to tone these areas of the body.


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  1. Such a great post!! I like all the exercise tips and yes, we shouldn’t skip the meal for loss weight because it slows our metabolic rate and the result is increase more weight.


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