How to run on a treadmill – tips to running on treadmill

How to run on a treadmill - tips to running on treadmill

To start running on treadmill, you should know how to run on a treadmill. You will get a lot of benefits from the treadmill. If you are not able to go outside for run in your busier life, you can choose this best alternative of running. Besides, it is better to try a treadmill instead of going outside during the hot summer days. It is also safe than outside running.

How to run on a treadmill

When you feel lazy to go outside for a run, your treadmill is the best option. It is safe, enjoyable. If you follow some effective tips of treadmill, your treadmill run will be more, safe, enjoyable and effective.

Get prepared

Running indoor at first time is a little bit challenging. So, make yourself 100 % ready for your treadmill workout. You need to handle the right equipments properly to enjoy it. Wear the well-fitted T-shirt and shorts. Use your clean running shoes. Besides, you can wear a sweatband. However, keep some water bottles beside you. You can also keep a hand towel.

Warm Up

It is needed to warm up yourself to make your run safe, though you will feel easy on your treadmill. At first, walk for 2 to 3 minutes briskly. Then jog for the same time.

Use slight incline

At first, set the inclination of your treadmill to 1-2%. But if you are going to getting started, it will be better to keep the incline at 0% until you are able to build up proper fitness and your comfort level on your treadmill.

Don’t keep it too slow

Increase the incline of your treadmill because too slow mode can cause the calf injuries. So, mix up the incline during the entire time.

Avoid holding on the handrail

Some people hold the handrails during running on the treadmill. But the handrails are to help to keep you safe during you get on or off your treadmill. Just keep your arms at 90 degree as you keep it while outdoor running.

Don’t incline forward

You need not incline forward. Just keep yourself upright because your treadmill keeps your feet backward. If you lean up forward, you will suffer from back pain and neck pain.

Run longer

Try to run for a long time. Mix up the speed and do according to it. If you are able to run for 30 minutes everyday, it will burn more than 270 calories. Moreover, 45 minutes will burn 405 calories. So, run according to your need.

Can listen music

It is a good idea to listen music on treadmill. It is safer than listening music using headphones outside. It will provide you entertainment to keep you running for long time. You can listen motivating songs.

Don’t look down

Do not look down because it will hamper your running form. Besides, you can suffer from back pain or neck pain. So, try to look straight.

Finally, you know how to run on a treadmill. It is so simple. Keep yourself hydrated. So, if you run for a long time, take some water to keep you cool. Treadmill is a better companion to do a jogging without going outdoors. To keep a fit and healthy body, you can try it.


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