45th Sue Kren 15k race recap

Although it looks like I might be passing kidney stones or having hemorrhoid issues, this is really just my game face.

I drove down to San Diego at 5:30am and ran in this 15k race around Mission Bay.  It was a gorgeous route along the water and beautiful weather.  It was a small and somewhat unofficial race.  For example, the starting line was a guy standing on a ladder with 2 wood blocks in his hands, which was the starting gun.  Before the race started, he had to move the ladder twice because he didn’t know where the starting line actually was.  My GARMIN said 9.54 miles, and in this race, I’m going with the GARM instead of the “official” distance.

I didn’t know how exactly to pace myself because I’d never ran a 15k before.  So my strategy was just not to get ran over.  My time was 1 hr 10 mins 44 sec.  My goal was to finish under 1 hr 10 mins, so I didn’t quite make that, but being that I had never ran a 15k, this was a PR, haha.

After the race, I met my friend Christina down by the harbor for breakfast.

Before the race I had half a coconut cream pie LARABAR, not a real big fan of these, and during the race I had 3 shot bloks.  Probably didn’t really need them for a 9 miler but I felt pretty dang official and hardcore when I ate them.

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